Friday, January 10, 2014

Retro Circles blanket

Oh my word! Where has the time gone?  Why have I not written a post since July?!!!!  Things have been more busy than crazy, which I guess is a good thing. In September we started our first "officical" year of home education (I'm starting to dislike the term "home school").  It's had it's ups and downs but I'll write a post on that soon. 

I have been working on a lot of things these past months, not only organizing my heart and thoughts but my yarn stash. Yes, my yarn stash.  You know you have one.  It's okay.  I understand. It's an emotional thing.  I use to buy coach bags and shoes.  Now I buy merino wool and knitting needles.

This is not all the stash.  This is just the stuff that was in knots and out of control.
 This is a true story.  I have a picture on IG of a trunk full of yarn and tools.  I don't know where I was going with all that.

But this past summer I decided that I was not going to buy any more yarn until this stash dwindled down.  I have always made crocheted or knit blankets for others but realized I never make anything for myself (isn't that how it always is?).  Here are a couple of baby blankets I made for my friend's twins (the picture quality is terrible but I'm working on that).
I love handmade gifts so much more than store bought.  There is something beautiful in being able to pray for the child who will be staying warm under that blanket.  I also love that it is something you can hand down. The blanket on the left can found on millie makes. The sunburst blanket on the left can be found in English here

After pondering what to do with all this yarn, I decided that I would make a blanket for my oldest.  I went through the stash and grabbed every shade of blue I could find.  Scoured ravelry and found this lovely pattern for retro circles.  I showed the pattern and colors to him and he asked who it was for.  When I told him it was for him his eyes lit up.  He was so happy to have something made for him, I knew I had to rush this order. The yarn bag went everywhere with us until I was done.  It hung out at friend's houses, road trips, bible studies and it even went a trip to Washington Square Park!

For some reason I don't have an image of the finished product.  But it was made big enough to fit on a twin size bed and hang over.  He just loves this blanket and it's all his.  I did a ripple/shellish border around.  Once I figure out how to use my new camera I will share the pics.

Not to be out done, the other tiny human insisted on a blanket of his own. And of course we just couldn't use any of the colors in the yarn stash so off to AC Moore we went and found the loudest colors possible.  He said his blanket needed to look like candy. I'll keep you posted on that one. Thank goodness for craft night at church. Maybe I can start making everything on my pinterest and ravelry boards.

Ps. Happy New Year!

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  1. I love you! I have missed you so much on here! You are honestly the most versatile person I know. And I am trying to get a commitment from the man to stay home Friday so I can do craft night!! Yay!